Hardware Design and Manufacturing.

We provide end-to-end hardware design and manufacturing services, turning your concepts into tangible, state-of-the-art electronic products. Our expertise covers every stage of the process, ensuring top-tier quality and innovation from inception to production.

How it works


Conceptualization and Planning

Define the product idea and its purpose. Conduct market research to assess demand and competition. Create a rough outline of product specifications.


Feasibility Study

Evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of the product. Determine if the project is viable from both a technical and financial perspective.


Detailed Design and Prototyping

Develop detailed design specifications. Create prototypes or proof-of-concept models. Test and iterate on prototypes to refine the design. Create electronic schematics or blueprints.


Software and Firmware Development

Develop the software and firmware required to operate the hardware. Test and debug the software in conjunction with the hardware.


Testing and Validation

Perform extensive testing, including functional, performance, and reliability testing. Ensure that the hardware meets safety and compliance standards.


Regulatory Compliance and Certification

Obtain necessary certifications (e.g., FCC, CE) for compliance with industry and regional regulations.


Manufacturing and Assembly

Begin mass production of the hardware. Assemble components into the final product. Implement quality control measures.


Testing and Quality Assurance

Conduct quality control checks at various stages of manufacturing. Ensure that each unit meets the specified quality standards.


Customer Support and Warranty

Establish customer support channels. Define warranty terms and provide post-sale support.


Lifecycle Management

Monitor the product's performance and customer feedback. Plan for product updates, improvements, or end-of-life considerations.


Recycling and Disposal

Develop environmentally responsible strategies for product disposal and recycling.

The process begins with Conceptualization and Planning, where we define the product idea, conduct market research, and create rough specifications.
We conduct a Feasibility Study to evaluate both the technical and economic viability of the project, ensuring it's feasible from technical and financial perspectives.
Prototyping is crucial during Detailed Design and Prototyping. It allows us to create and test prototypes, refining the design based on iterative testing.
Schematic Design involves creating electronic schematics and blueprints to design the electrical and electronic components of the hardware.
PCB Layout involves designing the physical layout of the board and determining the placement of components on it.
Mechanical Design involves designing the physical enclosure or housing for the hardware, ensuring it meets design requirements and regulatory standards.
We develop the required software and firmware and test and debug them in conjunction with the hardware during Software and Firmware Development.
Testing and Quality Assurance involve conducting extensive quality checks at various stages of manufacturing to ensure each unit meets specified quality standards.
Regulatory Compliance and Certification is crucial. We obtain necessary certifications (e.g., FCC, CE) to ensure the hardware complies with industry and regional regulations.
Manufacturing and Assembly involve mass production of the hardware and the meticulous assembly of components into the final product, all while implementing stringent quality control measures.
In Packaging and Labeling, we design product packaging and label each unit with essential information, such as serial numbers and barcodes, for easy identification.
We establish robust Customer Support and Warranty channels, defining warranty terms and providing ongoing post-sale support to ensure customer satisfaction and resolve any issues that may arise.

The professionalism, respect and trust. You guys are the best!

"Working with Andrey and his team at Svit Solutions, Inc has been a great experience for DockIQ. The professionalism, respect and trust we have received is one of a kind and has convinced us to put together a long term partnership to be a win-win for both parties. "

Matt ThompsonChairman - DockIQ

Impressed by the quality of work and service.

"We are very impressed by the quality of work and service that Svit Solutions, Inc have delivered for Lekoya. They have shown a high level of expertise, dedication and reliability in every aspect of our collaboration. We look forward to building a long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnership with them."

Michael BraimanCEO - Lekoya

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