Decor Planet

Rapid Team Augmentation for Decor Planet's CRM System Enhancement.

Client Background:

Decor Planet, a distinguished player in the retail industry specializing in high-end vanities, embarked on a mission to elevate their internal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to better cater to evolving business demands. In pursuit of this goal, they urgently sought the expertise of three senior-level full-stack .NET engineers. Svit Solutions, Inc was engaged to swiftly augment their development team and contribute to the advancement of Decor Planet's CRM system.

Client's Challenge:

Decor Planet faced pressing challenges related to their internal CRM system:

  • Enhancing CRM Functionality: The need to bolster their CRM system with advanced features and functionalities to better serve their customers, particularly in the high-end vanities market.
  • Short-Term Staffing Needs: The urgency to quickly reinforce their development team with three senior-level full-stack .NET engineers for a specified period.
  • Internal System Expertise: A requirement for experienced professionals capable of navigating and enhancing their internal CRM architecture.

Our Solution: Accelerated Team Augmentation

Understanding the critical nature of Decor Planet's requirements, Svit Solutions, Inc implemented an expedited team augmentation strategy:

  • Detailed Skill Assessment: Rapid evaluation of the specific skill set needed for the CRM system enhancements, focusing on senior-level full-stack .NET engineering expertise.
  • Vast Talent Pool: Leveraging our extensive talent pool, we identified and curated a shortlist of senior-level engineers with a proven track record in .NET development.
  • Focused Selection Process: Streamlined interviews and evaluations ensured the identification of three highly skilled engineers who not only matched the technical requirements but also possessed a deep understanding of CRM systems.
  • Agile Onboarding: Within a short timeframe, we successfully onboarded and deployed the three senior-level full-stack .NET engineers, aligning their expertise with Decor Planet's CRM system objectives.

Results Achieved:

  • Enhanced CRM Functionality: The augmented team played a pivotal role in introducing advanced features and functionalities to Decor Planet's internal CRM system, improving overall customer relationship management, especially in the context of high-end vanities.
  • Timely Project Execution: The rapid team augmentation allowed Decor Planet to meet their short-term staffing needs, ensuring the timely implementation of enhancements within the specified timeframe.
  • Internal System Expertise: The senior-level full-stack .NET engineers brought valuable experience to Decor Planet's team, navigating the intricacies of the CRM system architecture with efficiency.
  • Collaborative Development: The seamlessly integrated team worked collaboratively with Decor Planet's in-house developers, fostering a dynamic and productive development environment.


Svit Solutions, Inc's Team Augmentation services played a crucial role in addressing Decor Planet's urgent need for senior-level full-stack .NET engineers to enhance their internal CRM system. By swiftly providing experts with a deep understanding of both .NET development and CRM architectures, we contributed to Decor Planet's goals of improving customer relationship management, especially in the context of their high-end vanities market. Our commitment to delivering high-caliber talent for strategic team augmentation remains unwavering as we support Decor Planet and businesses across diverse industries in meeting their unique staffing needs and project objectives.