Accelerated Team Augmentation for Deep Learning Animation Innovator

Client Background:

Our client, a global leader and pioneer in harnessing Deep Learning technology for groundbreaking facial animation. Renowned for their expertise in animating both human and non-human facial expressions, they specialize in generating dynamic and conversational avatars from static images or artwork, coupled with a brief written or recorded script.

Client's Challenge:

At the forefront of Deep Learning animation, our client faced a critical juncture requiring swift augmentation of their development team. Their challenges encompassed:

  • Cutting-edge Technology: The need for specialized skills in Deep Learning technology for animating facial expressions, an area at the forefront of innovation.
  • Global Recognition: As a world-leading entity, maintaining their pioneering position demanded a rapid response to evolving industry demands.
  • Project Dynamics: The client required immediate reinforcement to address the dynamic requirements of generating conversational avatars from various inputs.

Our Solution: Accelerated Team Augmentation

Acknowledging the client's pivotal role in advancing Deep Learning animation, Svit Solutions, Inc executed an expedited team augmentation strategy:

  • Strategic Skill Evaluation: Rapid assessment of the client's specific needs in Deep Learning technology for facial animation, pinpointing the necessary skill sets, including ReactJS, NodeJS, and Python stack expertise.
  • Global Talent Reach: Leveraging our extensive network, we identified and curated a shortlist of highly skilled professionals with expertise in cutting-edge animation technologies, coupled with hands-on experience in ReactJS, NodeJS, and Python.
  • Targeted Interviews: Streamlined interview processes ensured a focused evaluation of candidates' technical prowess in both Deep Learning animation and the specified technology stacks.
  • Swift Deployment: Within an exceptional two-week timeframe, we successfully onboarded and deployed the selected experts, aligning seamlessly with the client's mission.

Results Achieved:

  • Technological Proficiency: The augmented team showcased unparalleled expertise in Deep Learning technology, bolstered by hands-on experience in ReactJS, NodeJS, and Python stack.
  • Continued Innovation: By swiftly integrating the augmented team, our client maintained their position as a global pioneer in generating dynamic and conversational avatars from static images or artwork, now enhanced by proficiency in versatile technology stacks.
  • Project Excellence: The accelerated team augmentation ensured uninterrupted progress, allowing the client to meet project milestones with precision and excellence across both animation and development domains.
  • Collaborative Synergy: The seamlessly integrated team, equipped with skills in ReactJS, NodeJS, and Python, contributed collaboratively to the client's groundbreaking efforts, fostering synergy between in-house talent and augmented professionals.


Svit Solutions, Inc's Team Augmentation services played a pivotal role in reinforcing our client's position as a trailblazer in Deep Learning technology for facial animation. By responding promptly to their specific needs and leveraging our global talent network, we facilitated the swift integration of experts, ensuring ongoing innovation and success in the dynamic realm of animated avatars. Our commitment to delivering high-caliber talent for strategic team augmentation, encompassing both Deep Learning and diverse technology stacks, remains unwavering as we support industry leaders in their pioneering endeavors.